We serve our community with the most, affordable, reliable, and skilled lawn care team in the industry. We're your first and last stop when it comes to your lawn care.


Opening everyone to the idea that your lawn is just more than dirt and grass. It's a statement of who you are and its the first thing people see when driving by or visiting. The grass is not only greener with us, its also healthier!


To have a personal connection with each and everyone of our clients & provide unmatched customer service and affordability. Here, everyone has always and will always be treated as family.

We Provide The Most Affordable Lawn Service in The Area!

We Understand what being a part of a family and business is like. The hardest thing to stick by is the BUDGET. This is why we choose to be affordable. We always stay within your budget.

Why Choose Us

CK Lawn and Landscape Provides The Most Affordable Prices In Our Area!

Fastest Work

We pride our selves on being in and out.

High Skill

Straight lines every time.

Clean Work

We always make sure to pick up trash and debris, and clear your drive way of any clippings.

Proper Take Care

Like anything, your lawn needs to be taken care of. Let CK Lawn and Landscape take care of the job.

Happy Customers
Beautiful Lawns
Yards of Mulch and Rock
Happy Blades of Grass

Referral Program Bonus


25% Off Your Weekly Rate


50% Off Your Weekly Rate


75% Off Your Weekly Rate


Your Weekly Mowing is FREE of Charge

*At comparable lot-size with weekly service

Let's Make Your Yard Beautiful!

Check out our quote page for an estimate on what to expect.

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